maandag 8 oktober 2012

DIY Pet Bed


- Old suitcase
- 4 furniture legs
- Favorite fabric
- Zipper
- 4 Screws
- Drill
- Stuffing or pillow
- Favorite paint
- Scissors
- Tape measure


Clean that suitcase!
Attach feet. I attached the painted wooden furniture legs with screws in the bottom of the suitcase. You can also glue your legs on the suitcse. Anything you prefer. Then pick your favorite color and start painting those legs.


Measure your fabric for your pillow or stuffing. Using a tape measure, measure the width, height and the depth of your suitcase.


Sew your pillow together. Put right sides of fabric together. Sew around leaving about a ½ inch seam allowance. Leave an opening for stuffing.Then sew the zipper in the pillow.

Done! Enjoy your Handmade Vintage Pet Bed

woensdag 26 september 2012

Free Printable Jar Labels by Limeshot

I found this on Pinterest this week. Printable labels for (mason) jars. On you can get your own labels for pasta, salt and rasberries, to name a few. But.... they also have some blank labels which you can fill in yourself.

donderdag 20 september 2012

Ombre & Dip Dye DIY

 It's all about Ombre

 DIY Pillows with Dyed Bands from Martha Stewart
DIY Ombre Curtains from
DIY Ombre Chair from Jesse Dresbach of Nine Red Design via
DIY Ombre Wall from P.S. I made this
DIY Paint Chip Wall from Papery and Cakery
DIY Ribbon Ombre Chair from Wedding Chicks
DIY Ombre Dresser from Will's Casa
DIY Ombre Glass Ornaments from Ambrosia Girl
DIY Ombre Stairs from Melissa and Caleb via Design Sponge

zondag 2 september 2012

Homemade Market

Today I went to the Homemade Market in the Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague, Netherlands.
Two times a year (April & September) a small shopping street is turned over for a small market for upcoming designers, design stores, vintage shops and homemade food.
I 'made some impression pictures from handmade designers with a link to their webpage.

Ma*Joli, established by Majoli Jongen.
Handcrafted products made of wool felt such as handbags
She has her own webshop on her page

Rehandled with care
Cheers for Chairs is a special line of chairs designed with two very simple wooden frames (with FSC or PEFC certified) and strung / lined with materials with a past.
Produced by people with a (temporary) physical or mental disability who can develop through daily activities in a safe, social environment.
Made of materials like worn jeans, old overalls, curtains, sun-faded air mattresses, blankets from the second house of aunt Jane and almost anything. Each seat has its own story, its own history. and each chair is unique.
They also sell other chairs in the webshop
Majorie Knit
Knitted with love...Handmade knitted hats, but also handmade jewelry.
Necklaces laser cut out of birch plywood and brass plated materials.
Some of them are painted with some candy-sweet-colors
Rosalie Arendsen
Rosalie Arendsen graphic design & illustration is a conceptual design for graphics and quirky illustrations.
Annemarie de Jong, the creator behind Sugar & Flour, bakes cakes in all shapes and sizes, for everyone!
On order or from Sugar & Flour caravan at festivals or any other desired location, everything is possible.

De oude Speelkamer
You can find everything from 'old school', retro nostalgic toys, books, vintage nursery accessories and old-fashioned craft supplies.

Collected by Tas-ka is an initiative of Ontwerpburo Tas-ka founded by Jantien Baas and Hester Worst. Collected by Tas-ka is a collection of products from around the world. Besides their own collection, they also sell designs of other designers. They also have a selection of special magazines, books, vintage furniture and beautiful artwork.
Check there webshop

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Jewelry Display & Upcoming DIY

Diamond are a girls best friend...Soooo why not show them in a unique way instead of storing them in a drawer. Here are some fun DIY ways to store your treasures.

Using door knobs and a old wooden plank

Paint a woorden plank in your favorite color and add hooks or nails
A good way for storing your bracelets

Using your 3 tiered stand for rings and earrings

Using lots of different hooks
Using a hanger with some hooks
Ring storage using a vintage case, peg board and fabric

With an old racket
A new way of using a dreamcatcher
Using kitchen-door-knobs and handles

Using old picture frames with lace, peg board, wire or twigs
One walk in the forest and your done

Look what I found in my local thriftstore.... Cant't wait to get my hands on this beauty. I'll be posting a DIY soon!

For some inspiraton and DIY go to the following Youtube channels

Mr. Kate DIY Wire Mesh Framed Jewelry Organizer
DIY Jewelry Display