woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Jewelry Display & Upcoming DIY

Diamond are a girls best friend...Soooo why not show them in a unique way instead of storing them in a drawer. Here are some fun DIY ways to store your treasures.

Using door knobs and a old wooden plank

Paint a woorden plank in your favorite color and add hooks or nails
A good way for storing your bracelets

Using your 3 tiered stand for rings and earrings

Using lots of different hooks
Using a hanger with some hooks
Ring storage using a vintage case, peg board and fabric

With an old racket
A new way of using a dreamcatcher
Using kitchen-door-knobs and handles

Using old picture frames with lace, peg board, wire or twigs
One walk in the forest and your done

Look what I found in my local thriftstore.... Cant't wait to get my hands on this beauty. I'll be posting a DIY soon!

For some inspiraton and DIY go to the following Youtube channels

Mr. Kate DIY Wire Mesh Framed Jewelry Organizer
DIY Jewelry Display



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