woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Jewelry Display & Upcoming DIY

Diamond are a girls best friend...Soooo why not show them in a unique way instead of storing them in a drawer. Here are some fun DIY ways to store your treasures.

Using door knobs and a old wooden plank

Paint a woorden plank in your favorite color and add hooks or nails
A good way for storing your bracelets

Using your 3 tiered stand for rings and earrings

Using lots of different hooks
Using a hanger with some hooks
Ring storage using a vintage case, peg board and fabric

With an old racket
A new way of using a dreamcatcher
Using kitchen-door-knobs and handles

Using old picture frames with lace, peg board, wire or twigs
One walk in the forest and your done

Look what I found in my local thriftstore.... Cant't wait to get my hands on this beauty. I'll be posting a DIY soon!

For some inspiraton and DIY go to the following Youtube channels

Mr. Kate DIY Wire Mesh Framed Jewelry Organizer
DIY Jewelry Display



dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Adding green to your home in 10 steps

Soon it will be the end of summer...here are 10 tips and tricks to bring nature inside your house during this fall

Plant your herbs in some jars from Ikea, keep them in place using pipe clamps, old wood and chalkboard paint. Camille Styles has a great DIY

Put your plants in eggshells 

Re-use your china

Make your own Concrete Planters


Air plants don't need soil to grow on. It's great for using plants in ordinary places suchs as shells or fine sand from a tropical beach

Make your own customized pots in neon-colors. Check The Proper Pin Wheel for the DIY

Use your paint leftovers to make these awesome pots. Go to The Lovely Cupboard for a great DIY

Ask your grandma for some old lace or visit your local second hand store and make your own Lace Planters check out A Beautifull Mess for the DIY

Make your own hanging basket with a planter from Ikea and some wool on Refinery29

This years trend...Make your own upside down planter on DesignSponge

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